Thursday, September 30, 2004

Toes...a pizza topping?

I fixed the kids pizza for dinner and there were mushrooms on it. Jackson brought me one of the mushrooms and had this totally grossed out look on his face and told me that he doesn't like toes on his pizza. It did kind of look like a toe. So, he picked them all off and threw them in the trash. He likes the pepperoni though.

Yesterday, Jackson ate about 12 carrots. He was just feeling really snacky and loves raw veggies so I let him eat as many as he wanted. Today his nose is yellow from eating so many. That used to happen to him when he was a baby too from eating so much gerber carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. I guess we'll lay off the yellow/orange veggies for a few days.

Andrew went to work pretty sick today so his boss sent him home a little early and told him not to come back until Monday. Hopefully, he'll catch up on his rest over the next few days and feel better by Monday.

Well, our favorite tv show, Arthur, is on, so I'd better go. One of these days, I'll post about all the misconceptions my children have learned through cartoons and why I still let them watch a limited amount everyday anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, this is just too, too funny!!!! :) I am glad you wrote this down. You think you will not forget these funny little sayings, but you do over time. Keep writing them down and you will laugh and laugh years later!

~Jennifer Ervin