Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is it really only Wednesday?

It's been such a long week already! I thought it was Friday when I woke up this morning. I'm starting to feel a little better finally...but still have a bad cough. Jackson just has a runny nose. Katie has a small cough, runny nose and cranky attitude. Andrew has tons of congestion, a cough and body aches. Why do we always share our germs with each other?

My sweet friend, Anna, came over this afternoon and brought us a meal. It was a yummy pasta dish, carrots with dip and chocolate oatmeal cookies. There's enough pasta left over for our lunch tomorrow, but Jackson ate all the carrots and there are a couple of cookies left. Then later in the afternoon Anna brought us a movie to watch tomorrow to give us something to do while we feel bad. I'll report tomorrow if the kids liked it. It's called Balto, I think.

Lately, after we put Jackson to bed, we hear him singing in his room. When we go in, he's usually standing right by the door trying to listen to what's being said. Tonight, Andrew and I were discussing the possibility of watching a movie when we started to hear the singing from Jackson's room. So, we went in and Jackson said he was thirsty. So we got him a drink and put him back to bed. Then as we were leaving his room he said, "I think you should watch the Pooh movie." We told the little eavesdropper we'd think about it. ;-)

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