Monday, September 27, 2004

Cowboys v. Redskins

I know nothing about football but having been raised near Dallas I feel like I should root for the Cowboys. Andrew is a Redskins fan so we have fun egging each other on during games like tonight's. So far, Dallas is winning by 7. ;-)

Andrew came home early from work so I could go to the doctor. She thinks I have allergies...really severe allergies. I don't know what to think. I find it a little hard to believe since allerigies aren't contageous and Jackson woke up sniffling and coughing this morning. So I was given Nasonex and Claritin...probably won't use either and just hope that I get better on my own in the next couple of days. I'm really not to fond of our doctor. Why do I keep going back to her? Everytime I go there she gives me a hardtime about Jackson's speech. He's made incredible improvements over the last few months and yet even today she suggested therapy for Jackson. I acknowledge that he is a little behind, but he has done so well lately and I just don't want to do therapy for him. He spent the first 2 years of his life in physical therapy and I just don't want to do speech therapy as well. Besides, I don't have a car so I can't take him. I wish she would understand that even if she doesn't agree with me, this is our decision as parents and quit giving us a hard time about it.

Sorry for the little mini-vent. I probably shouldn't have even taken Jackson to the doctor but he really wanted to come along and was so excited about saying "ahhhhh". The nurse was really nice and weighed him and took his temp in his ear to make him happy. She then gave him a tongue depresser and let him play "doctor". When we left they gave him a sticker to which he replied, "I all better now....thank you!!"

You know how I mentioned what a shoe freak Katie is...well, she's also a hat fanatic! Actually, I guess you could apply this to any and all accessories. She loves to wear backpacks, necklaces, watches, hats (even more than one at the same time), etc.... She puts on daddy's shoes, mommy's hat, Jackson's backpack, and her Dora bracelett and she's ready to go outside and play all day...sometimes I wonder if this is her little baby super hero costume and she's off to rid the world of crime.

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