Sunday, September 26, 2004

No Church for us today. :-(

What a rough night we had last night. I continued to get sicker and sicker and my coughing disturbed everyone in the house. My congestion has settled deep into my chest and is very painful. I'm planning to go to the doctor tomorrow...not sure if they can do anything for me but when I called and described my symptoms they felt like it was important that I be seen.

I have the greatest hubby! You know when you're sick and you just want someone to take care of you...Andrew took such good care of me today! Brought me medicine when I needed it, made sure I've taken my vitamins, fixed me gingerale and even took the children outside for a good part of the day so I could rest in peace and quiet. What would I do without him?

And then Andrew fed the children their dinner, gave them baths and put them in their pj's before we had worship and then we put them right to bed.

Speaking of bathtime...Katie is like a new little girl when it comes to baths. Ever since she was born she has HATED water and has always screamed at bathtime, especially when she gets her hair washed. We've basically been trained to dip her in, scrub her down and towel her off all in a matter of a minute and a half. Well, the last couple of weeks are a whole 'nother story. She has decided that there is no where in the world she would rather be than in the bathtub. Of course, we've always provided tons of bathtime toys, bubbles...anything and everything that could possibly make the apparent torture more tolerable for her. No success....UNTIL...about 2 weeks ago I found this big ziplock bag full of letters, shapes and numbers at a yard sale. I thought the children would enjoy it and it only cost 50 cents. This is the key to bathtime joy for Katie! She plays with the numbers and letters and when they get wet they stick to the side of the tub. She will stay in the bath for hours now if we'd let her.

Jackson is very aware that I'm sick. He thinks I need a band-aid on my tummy because when Daddy was sick he had a big sore on his tummy. I told him that my tummy wasn't sore and that I am a different kind of sick. So then he assumed that I must have fallen down...he was just so determined to give me a band-aid since that is the "cure-all" for any and all ailments.

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