Saturday, September 25, 2004

Still sick...

I've got a bad cold. Had to cancel our lunch plans with the Dildays...that was disappointing but we'll try to reschedule soon. Going to play it by ear about church tomorrow as I don't want to expose everyone to this. So far Andrew and the children are still healthy.

Katie kept saying all day, "eat toes". We finally figured out that she was scared of the ants that keep creeping into the kitchen. They are the tinest little black ants you've ever seen but Katie is really scared that they are going to eat her toes. We can't figure out what's attracting the ants or where they're getting in as our kitchen is on the top level of our house. The landlady thinks they are climbing up the pipes.

Katie said something else that made us laugh today. She was trying to say, "papa" but accidently started to say "mama"...but she corrected herself halfway through and it came out, "mapa" Maybe you had to be there...but it was pretty funny.

Jackson got a new Blue's Clue's workbook today. He loves to color and work in these books. One of the activities was to match the upper case letters with the lower case letters that go together. But, Jackson only knows his upper case letters so it was pretty hard for him. I showed him the lower case "a" and he insisted that he knows what an "A" looks like and that that was definitely NOT an "A". He's so sure he is right about this and just won't believe me no matter how many times I've tried to explain that there are 2 kinds of a's. Hopefully he'll make the connection one of these days.

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