Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Missing tooth

Jackson told me this morning that he's missing a tooth. He's not, of course. I asked him what happend to his tooth and he told me that it fell down a hole. So, I asked him where the hole is and he told me it was outside. I wonder if all of this is a plot to get me to take him outside to play. I'm not sure because later he told me he wanted to me sticky tape his tooth back in his mouth.

Yesterday I made Jackson and Katie one of their favorite snacks...POPCORN!! Katie accidently spilled the bowl of popcorn on the floor and then laughed about it. Jackson got really mad and told her to say, "sorry Jackson". But, instead she kept saying, "sorry Kiki". This just made him more and more angry and he kept shouting "I'm not Kiki...I'm Jackson!!!" They both worked together then to pick up the popcorn and Jackson said he wasn't mad anymore, but that he's still not Kiki...he's Jackson!!

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