Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Ovenless Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for this year. Andrew's employment comes to mind especially. Our dear church family, our sweet babies. The Lord is very good to us!

So, our oven broke last week and the control board needs replacing but won't arrive until next week. So, my first thought was that we would go out to dinner for Thanksgiving, which would be a bummer since I already bought the turkey and all the fixings.

But, after much internet research, I managed to pull our meal together, without my oven! Can you imagine? And it was actually really easy and much less time spent in the kitchen this morning.

Of course, there is stove-top stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, deviled eggs...those are easy enough to prepare without an oven. But, what about the pies, the turkey and my favorite, green bean casserole?

I bought a pie from the bakery. Easy fix.

The green bean casserole was made in a little crockpot. It turned out even better than the oven version and I think I'll make it this way every year!!

Now, the turkey, that was very tricky. It's definitely not something I would do if my oven was working well, but I found a great recipe for a crockpot version and the turkey tasted very good. I used a 7 lb. turkey breast and it barely fit. It cooked up pretty fast though. But, it's not something you can bring to the table whole and there isn't a way to brown the top of it. A beige turkey on the table just isn't very attractive at all.

But, we did it, and had a wonderful feast and are feeling very thankful. Jackson said that he was most thankful for animals and that he feels that God gave them to us to enjoy as a special gift. He said that he thinks God had him in mind especially. Katie was thankful for birds (although I don't think she meant the one on the table). She said she thinks they're pretty.

The only thing missing was yummy warm yeast rolls. I could have bought some packaged bread, but having cold regular bread on the table, just didn't seem worth it. But, no one missed them anyway....


Amy_Use said...

Jessica, I love all your pictures! You have quite an artistic flair with the camera (and other things as well!!). I love your pie dish...what a cute cover! I also love the picture of the flowers with the wall hanging (which I think you know we have the twin of!) in the background....very, very nice!

That was so neat how you made do with your circumstances! I would have copped out and hit the Golden Coral buffet I think! What a special Thanksgiving to remember! :)

Jacqueline said...

: )