Friday, August 03, 2007

Research Project for my Readers

For 6 months Jackson and Katie saved up their piggy bank money for Aquadoodle. They've been thinking for a while about what to save up for now that they have it. They've perhaps spent more time thinking about what they're going to save for next than they did playing with the aquadoodle.

Anyway, Jackson announced tonight that he's decided that he's saving up for a trip to the Outback. No, not Australia, the restaurant. He's been there once in his life and loved it. It's pretty expensive though, more expensive than aquadoodle. And he's not even wanting to go for the food.

You see, anyone who knows Jackson, knows that he loves animals. I'm not sure love is really the right word for it, it's more like an obsession. An obsession to know all that there is to know about animals. When we went to the Outback, there was a poster of all the animals from Australia. It was an alphabet poster and had an Australian animal assigned to each letter. He became captivated with this poster. We've looked all over the Internet and can't find it anywhere. We even talked to the management at the restaurant and he doesn't remember where he got it.

So, just thought I'd ask my readers to keep an eye out for an Australian animal poster for my son. Please email me if you find out where I can obtain this precious gem.


Matthew Bacon said...

Well, I looked and looked and looked for a whole five minutes! I didn't find a poster, but I found a couple of other items that might be useful.
ABC of Australian Wildlife
Steve Parish Alphabit of Australian Wildlife Sticker Activity Book

Looks like both products are Steve Parish products. Never heard of the guy, but he seems to be some kind of nature person from Australia. Also his material looks to be more science "Discovery Channel"-ish rather than Nickelodeon.

JoyfulJessica said...

Thanks, Bro. Those look pretty good. I'd still love to find the poster, but those might do the trick for now.

Anonymous said...

Are either of these the one you are looking for?

JoyfulJessica said...

Thanks Anon. We've seen those before and they're not just like the one from the Outback. But, I printed the first one and J seems to be happy with that for now.