Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Firsts for Sammy

In the last few days Sammy has gotten his third tooth, part of a forth tooth (we'll all be really glad when it finishes coming through!), learned to crawl around on all fours, and started saying "Mama". He's been mobile for a while. Scooting and rolling and pulling himself around. Now that he's found an easier way, he's really enjoying his freedom. Jackson is not happy about any of this! If he leaves a room for even a minute, Sammy immediately tries to get his books and papers. And Katie, whose toys are generally more "baby friendly" isn't too thrilled when she finds baby drool on anything. It's like having a puppy. We all have to make sure our shoes and slippers don't get chewed!

But he's so adorable, we're all pretty forgiving!

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