Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I have been so blessed today by my family.  Lots of love, sweet gifts, wonderful handmade cards.  I'm feeling very loved and thankful.

But, the best part of my day was Sammy's surprise.  While the family was busy putting away groceries, making lunch, taking care of "stuff", Sammy was setting up his room for a surprise party for me!  He couldn't wait to show me what he had done.  :)

"I decorated my dresser for you with these stickers!"

"This trophy says BEST MOMMY EVER and the snow globe has your name on it.  But, you have to pretend because they don't really say that."

"Daddy bought the balloon."

"This is a mommy dinosaur kissing her baby.  They just look like they're fighting, that's the dinosaur way."

Thank you, Sammy.  It was a great surprise party.  ♥

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Heidi said...

How wonderful, Jessica. I am sitting here laughing, sharing your surprise!