Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Race

Jackson and Katie were running a race in the yard today. After Katie yelled "Gimmarkgagetgo" they took off running toward the finish line (the trees) . About half way to the trees, Katie stops to pick a dandelion and I really thought all hope was lost. She quickly jumps up and starts to run again, hoping to catch up to Jackson, although knowing that it wasn't much use. Just then Jackson's sandal goes flying off and he sits down to replace it. Katie reaches Jackson as he slips his shoe back on without bothering to fasten it. They "crossed" the finish line at the same time, both insisting that *they* had won.

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Texas Mama said...

Now, doesn't that show the way we should be as adults? Happy with the little things in life, and not so competative as to stop to "smell the roses" be childlike more! :)