Thursday, October 07, 2004

A long weekend ahead!!

We just realized today that Andrew has Monday (Columbus day) off of work! Yay!! It's always so great to have him home. No big plans for that day but I'm sure just playing games and playing outside will be loads of fun. Andrew's planning to mow that morning...hopefully for the last time this year!!

Last week we cut all of Jackson's hair off. It was so sad! I really love his hair longer because it's such a pretty copper color. But, it was looking shaggy and Andrew really wanted him buzzed. So, I buzzed him. Jackson cried almost the whole time and said that I "broke his hair". But now that he's gotten used to it he likes it. It's so short I don't even have to comb it, although he likes for me to comb his hair after I comb Katie's...he can't stand to be missing out on any attention! :-)

We have big plans to visit an apple orchard on Sat. and then the American Frontier Culture Museum afterwards. They're having a big Oktoberfest celebration. I think it will be fun. I hope the kids will like it and I hope that they'll enjoy all the time in the car. I'll have to think up some interesting car activities before Sat.

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